A Shadow Stirs…

The Doctor is not alone in the universe. Indeed, there are in fact twelve Time Lords that managed to escape the Time War. Now they wander the galaxy, doing what they can to prevent what happened to their home from happening to the homes of others.

Now, something stirs in the deep recesses of the universe. A great evil that hasn’t been felt since before the Time War. Now it’s up the Time Lords and their companions to save not only the universe, but themselves.

The Doctor, the Maker, Delloreanna, Cheese, the Walker, the Captain, and many more will face their toughest challenge yet. The Doctor has seen many evils throughout the universe, but can even he summon the power to confront an event so twisted as to change the universe as we know it? Can he even attempt to approach…

… the Rise of Gallifrey!

Rise of Gallifrey

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