Rise of Gallifrey

Episode 1 - The Long Dark

"The winds will come, the dead will rise..."

Earth, the village of Holmschteck, late 1st Century

Major NPCs:

Player Characters:

The Plot:
Joel had always wanted to be a Time Agent. for as long as he could remember, he had looked up to those that zipped throughout the time vortex, righting wrongs before they even happened. When he had the chance to join their prestigious ranks, he jumped at the chance. Maybe now he would have the chance to explore all of time and space, like the Time Lords of legend!

That all changed when Joel woke up one day with six months of memories missing. When he investigated this he found no answers. He did, however, find a name: Jack Harkness.

It took six months of searching, but Joell finally got a meeting with the elusive Jack. It was at some out-of-the-way bar on a mining asteroid, but it was something. There, Joell met his contact, a large, rough creature known as a Gorbax. The creature told Joell that Jack had to cancel, and there would be no meeting. Joell insisted, but there was no swaying the Gorbax.

It was then Joell noticed a nervous man in the back of the bar. There were two dark figures encroaching on him.

“Shouldn’t we do something?” Joell asked.

The Gorbax smirked and shrugged. “That’s how things work here, Time Agent. Nothing you can do about it.”

The words were a challenge to Joell. He made his way to the shadowy figures and insisted they leave the man alone. The shadows merely laughed and told him to mind his own business. Joell responded by pulling a small gravity globe from his resourceful pockets and overloading the optic circuit, blinding the shadowy figures with a bright flash.

Joell and the man ran, but Joell was stopped by a tall, handsome man dressed in WWII era clothing.

“You must be Joell Taill,” the man said with a devilish smirk. “I believe you’ve been looking for me.”

The man was Cpt. Jack. The entire even had been set up by him to see if Joell was really worth his time. They went to Jack’s private quarters, a lavish, blue room with an advanced computer system, furniture, and a large bed.

“Don’t get any ideas,” said Jack. “I’ve got a boyfriend.”

Jack revealed he’d been working on a program for vortex manipulators to track the artron trails left by TARDISes in flight. If he could do that, then it would only be a matter of tracking down a Time Lord in the vortex. He wanted Joell to test it out and downloaded a copy of the unfinished program to Joell’s wrist manipulator.

Just then there was banking on Jack’s door. The Time Agents had tracked down Joell. The didn’t appreciate his snooping about.

“Get out of here,” said Jack, pulling out his sonic blaster. “I’ll deal with these guys.”

Joell implemented the unfinished artron tracking system, sending him careening through the vortex



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