Hypnotic Perfume

A sprayable psychoreactive substance


Major Gadget

Hypnosis (Major Good) – +2 bonues to any social interaction to either calm someone down, or to get them to do what you like. If the character succeeds in hypnotizing the subject, she can make them do anything she wants (unless it’s something intrinsically against their nature, in which case the target can make another roll to resist with a +3 bonus). Multiple sprays do not stack.


A cousin of hallucinogenic lipstick from the 51st century, hypnotic perfume is a liquid substance kept in a small, sprayable perfume bottle. When sprayed at a target, the target is overcome with the effects of the perfume and becomes hypnotized by the perfume’s user. The effects are temporary, but allow the user to have a strong hold over a target for a time.

Hypnotic Perfume

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