Photonic Pen

Small multipurpose laser tool


Major Gadget

  • Open/Close (Minor Gadget Trait) – Open, close, lock, and unlock passageways
  • Restriction (Minor Bad Gadget Trait) – Cannot affect deadlock seals
  • Tricky Controls (Minor Bad Gadget Trait) – Only the original owner can work the device
  • Scan (Minor Gadget Trait) – +2 to Awareness rolls
  • Transmit (Minor Gadget Trait) – Send and receive signals
  • Weld (Minor Gadget Trait)

Can also act as a laser weapon dealing 2[1/2/3]


At first glance, this object appears as a sleek, black, ballpoint pen. However, when in the right hands, the business end emits a constricted beam of light that can be used to accomplish a multitude of functions.

Photonic Pen

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