Allows access to enter a TARDIS


A TARDIS key’s only in game abilities is allowing a character access to a certain TARDIS. However, TARDISes have been known to refuse access to those they don’t trust, even if they have a key.

With the right know-how (and a substantial number of story points), a TARDIS key can be altered to achieve new effects.


A small, usually key-like device that allows access to the interior of a TARDIS.

Normally, a key only functions like a key normally would. However, in the right hands and with the right materials, they can be used to great effect.

TARDIS keys have been known to…

  • Be reconstructed as low-grade perception filters.
  • Glow brightly and heat up to notify the pilot when something notable happens with the TARDIS.
  • Recover a console room lost in the time vortex.
  • Act as a locator device.
  • Serve as a direct link to the TARDIS.


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