“Be you Aquian, or Helian, you are always welcome in the City of Balox.” – excerpt from the Charter of the City of Balox


Basic Form: Amphibian Humanoid
Senses: Normal
Aggression Rating: Peaceful

The Baloxians are amphibious humanoids with rubbery skin that many shades ranging from blues to purples to greens. They have gills on the necks and webbed hands and feet. They are equally comfortable living on either land or sea.

Culture & Society

Title: None
Civilization Level: Inter-Planetary
Technology Level: 6
Sociopolitical Attitude: Moderate
Planet of Origin: Balox

The Baloxians have managed to colonize another planet in their solar system, but the bulk of their population still resides on their home planet of Balox. Balox is a peaceful planet and is not often the site of extra-planetary invasion. In fact, the Baloxians invite tourism to their planet.

The primary conflict between Baloxians is the contention between their two primary political parties, the Helians and the Aquians. The Helians believe that the primary seats of power in Baloxians society should be on land and the water is only a secondary environment for Baloxians. Some extreme sects of the party go as far as viewing living underwater as immoral. On the other side, the Aqians believe that Baloxians evolved from the ocean and it is where the race should return. Again, more extreme sects see living on land as forbidden and immoral. Most Baloxians are more moderate in their beliefs. There are other political parties with less extreme beliefs, but they are relatively minor.

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