“Try looking at it from our point of view. Charnians live forever. What point is there in violence when you’re immortal?” – Garroth, Charnian


Basic Form: Mammalian Humanoid
Senses: Normal
Aggression Rating: Pacifist

Charnians appear very similar to average humans. Their bodies tend to be more slender and elongated, with finer features. The most noticeable features of Charnians is they long, slender necks and tendencies for multi-colored hair ranging from pinks, to blues, to whites, and more. Though, “normal” hair colors aren’t unheard of either.

Culture & Society

Title: None
Civilization Level: Interstellar
Technology Level: 7
Sociopolitical Attitude: Liberal
Planet of Origin: Charn

Charnian society is often described as very easy-going. Baring illness or injury, Charninans are immortal. There has never been a record of a Charnian dying from old age. The same can be said for all the wildlife on their homeworld as well. In some ways, this has stunted their technological growth, making minimal progress when compared to other short-lived races such as Earth’s humans. However, their long lives have done wonders for their inter-personal relations. War is virtually unknown in Charnian society and is seen as a waste of time, a waste of resources, and generally messy.

Charnians readily welcome others with open arms and are generally a very peaceful and friendly race.

However, like any society, there is always darkness at the edges. Due to petty power struggles, the Charnian governement became entangled with the Dalek Empire. The entire planet was briefly taken over with relative ease of the Dalek’s part. But, due to the intervention of a time traveller and his companions, the planet was freed and a possible timeline leading to the Charn’s destruction averted. The full consequences of this have yet to be seen.

Notable Charnians:

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