System Log

Star System: Solar System
Star: Sol (G-type Main Sequence Star)
Planets: 8
Habitable Worlds: Earth, Mars

Planetary Data

Size: Medium
Gravity: 1g
Land Mass: 70% water, 7 continents
Atmosphere: Nitrogen and Oxygen mix
Climate: Temperate
Satellites: 1 (Moon)
Sentient Species: Humans (Terran), Silurians


The planet Earth (or Terra) is the third planet in the Sol system. It is home to the Terran branch of the human race and the Silurians.

Earth has been the sight of many pivotal events in the history of the universe. Because of this, Earth has become a sort of temporal nexus point. Events are drawn to it. As such, Earth has the highest count of extra-planetary invasions. Many of which, the Terran populace are unaware of due to the influence of UNIT, Torchwood, and other agencies.

Earth is the prime visiting place of many of the rogue Time Lords who survived the Time War, mostly the Doctor.


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