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Holmschteck was a Viking settlement in what is now known as Newfoundland. It was established in the year 986 AD and the events of the story “The Long Dark” take place in 997 AD.

The village is led by Svell Firebrand, who has been chief since his father died in 992. Svell is in a constant power struggle with Olaf Stormbreak. Olaf has been performing a multitude of disrespectful actions behind Svell’s back. Normally this isn’t a problem, but the unending winter has caused tension in the village and bought Olaf some followers. Svell’s wife Sana Firebrand acts as the local medicine woman, treating the ills of the villages Vikings that become injured on hunts. More recently, she’s been treating families driven ill by the untimely winter winds.

There have been strange sightings of long-deceased Vikings walking along the beaches near Holmschteck. Some townsfolk also claim to hear the sounds of chanting on the arctic winds. As the food stores dwindle and more and more villagers fall victim to winter, will Holmschteck be wiped from the face of history? Or will the timely arrival of strange travelers be able to rescue the Vikings from the long dark?

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