“Well, from their point of view you’re the invaders. They were here first.” – The Doctor, Cold Blood


Basic Form: Reptilian Humanoid
Senses: Normal
Aggression Rating: Bellicose

This particular branch of the Silurian race is the most human-like, but they’ll never admit it. Their skin comes in many shades of green. Some Silurians have orange or red markings on their faces as well. Their heads are adorned with an assortment of frills, each arrangement unique to each gene pool.

Culture & Society

Title: Homo reptilia
Civilization Level: Planetary
Technology Level: 6
Sociopolitical Attitude: Conservative
Planet of Origin: Earth

Silurians come from a dark and dangerous time in Earth’s history. Despite this, they developed some extraordinary and powerful technologies. However, when a large, stray asteroid was detected nearing Earth, they thought it was the end. They had just enough time to construct a massive space ark and launch samples of the native flora and fauna into deep space. The rest of the species went into deep hibernation under the Earth’s surface. The cataclysm they had predicted never came, though. The asteroid instead entered orbit around Earth and became the moon.

The Silurian race still sleeps below the Earth’s surface, waiting for the world to recover from a disaster that never happened.

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